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Gathering is not the beginning, scattering is not the end. My classmates have made countless good memories over the years, which will be engraved in my heart forever.


When can you fly across the wet sky like you without wetting your wings?


I heard it's raining tomorrow, baby, you need to be ready for rain. Wear thick clothes and take an umbrella with you.


Some people even say that love will fade away when they are separated, but it tastes sweeter when the things they love are not available.


Luck is a great teacher, but misfortune is even greater. Having connivance in thought, lacking in it can train and strengthen thought.


When you are depressed, I am your happy fruit. When you are sad, I would like to be your tree of forgetfulness!


I only have you in my heart, only you occupy my heart, only you make me so unforgettable!


When you come, my expectations are far away; when you leave, you are the expectations of my dreams.


Don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has its own worries. One day's difficulties are enough.


Long time together, never forget. May the flame of love burn naturally in our hearts.


Joy is the medicine of life. It cures the diseases in life and calms the struggles in life.


I wish you a safe journey. Pay more attention to your body outside. What's wrong with your parents? I can take care of them. Don't worry about the family.


Looking at the distance between the water and the sky, thinking of the exotic and attractive scenery, I send greetings to the seagulls, and wish you good health! uuuuuuuuuu


I let the wind carry my missing for you, I let the rain leave my lingering love for you, still unchanged.


When the rain and smoke continued, the frost was as fragrant as ever. Who are you drunk with? Flowers last year, now like butterflies fly apart.


He who is full of jealousy, who is not honest and who speaks incorrectly cannot be regarded as a person with correct features.


One tacit understanding, one acquaintance, one care, one pity, make our friendship last forever.


No matter how far the journey is, no matter the ends of the earth, I would like to give you this most heartfelt blessing.


In such a season, take my sincere wishes to you. May happiness always be with you.


Whether you go to the end of the world or the corner of the sea, don't forget, with my blessing.


Dear friend, every thing that happens and put it into a smile, return to heaven and earth, in the environment of friendship, a tacit understanding that you understand and I understand.


We always envy the beautiful flowers blooming on the edge of the cliff because the places where the flowers are in full bloom are beyond our reach.


Whether the negotiation can succeed or not is perhaps not the most important. It is obviously more meaningful to lay the foundation of friendship for future exchanges.


There is no need to be melancholy on the road of life. There are always bosom friends at the ends of the world. Seize the opportunity and cherish the fate. I wish our friendship will last forever.


Treasure this love, such as treasure, gently into the temple of emotion, to feel every moment of wonderful time.


May my blessings become a spring to quench your thirst on your expedition, a sweet comfort to your troubles, and a flower to celebrate your triumph.


A gentle greeting, do not want to disturb you, only wish you good work! Stay in your heart and wish you a happy holiday!


No matter where you are, luck and happiness are always with you. May beauty and happiness be with you everyday.


Blessing is a sincere intention, not a thousand words. A heart song, wish you peace and prosperity year after year!


When you surpass others a little, others will envy you; when you surpass others a large part, others will envy you.


Those who walk in the desert hope to have sweet spring water; those who struggle in adversity yearn for sincere friendship.


The morning breeze rings happy bells, my heart plays Happy Music and says "Good morning" to you.


In autumn, I opened the yellowing album, the past condensed in the transparent fossils, and the longing I brought out lasted a long time.


Good morning! Looking at the red sun bouncing out of the horizon again and again, I hope your day is just like the rising red sun!


Don't push yourself. Tomorrow is nothing special! I just want you to accompany me completely before you have time for me to leave.


It's hard to find a true friend in the world. It's hard for people to say what they are meant to be. Making friends for a long time!


In love, whoever moves his heart first will fall short. In fact, not, but whose guilt, who fell into the wind.


This moment! With my deepest yearning, let the clouds carry my blessings, embellish your sweet dreams, I wish you happiness and health!